I'm Graham, a creative based in London, UK.

Currently i'm working as Digital Lead at Overture, Photographer at Novo Weddings, and volunteer Videographer / Web Developer at non-profit Salt.london.

I'm also a multi-instrumental musician and writer, and love working on projects by myself and with others.

This site is intended to serve two purposes; firstly to give an insight into my past and future work, and secondly to encourage myself to see more projects through to completion.

Current projects

This website

Web development Ongoing

Even this very site is a project. It's a bit of a folio, but also a space for me to keep myself accountable to completing more of my various projects, rather than leaving too many unfinished.

Salt.london video series

Video Production Oct - Dec 2017

Salt London is a collective of authors writing articles for thoughtful Londoners on everything from ethics, current affairs and faith. I've recently joined the team in producing a series of videos to help increase their web presence. Check out the video on "Christianity: a white man's religion?" for an example of a fun video I shot in Brixton!


Writing 2017 - ???

Apparently most people with my Myers-Briggs makeup have a continuous desire to write a novel; it's definitely true of me anyway. This time around (after many failed attempts) we're looking at something semi-futuristic, quasi-sci-fi and demi-humourous.

Music production

Music, Production Nov / Dec 2017

When I was in my early twenties, I wrote and recorded an album (with the help of a couple of friends) in a week. It's been a long time since I had that sort of drive, but over the last year i've been working on a few ideas and am excited to start a collaborative project to record a couple of tracks based on a friend's writing.

Bass Guitar

Music Oct 2017 onwards

As part of the aforementioned music production goals i've purchased a lovely 5 string bass and am looking forward to laying down some funky back line for the collaborative track ideas. Soundcloud links coming soon.

Ruby Wedding Video

Video September 2017

Some people get grossed out by their parents showing each other affection, but I'm proud that mine have stuck it out for 40 whole years. I'm putting together a short video of a garden party they hosted in the summer.

Past projects

Chester Marathon 2017

Running October 2017

Following Advent Running in 2016, I set myself a couple of benchmarks, including the Reading Half Marathon and the world famous Chester Marathon. I chose the latter as my Dad was running it and I thought it'd be fun to join him. I finished, which is the main thing, but my time was pretty slow as I hurt my foot at 17 miles... still, it was very special to start and finish side by side with my Dad - memories made.

Wedding Season 2017

Wedding Photography & Videos Apr - Sept 2017

This year's wedding season was quite a big one for us - we had 8 weddings all over the UK including Cornwall, Westminster, Keswick and Wiltshire. We had great fun but I'm happy to be taking a break for now... taking quotes for 2018 now!

Medium Format Photography

How to be a hipster 101 Summer 2017

Over the summer I got into a bit of medium format photography, spurred on by friends who're much better than me and a bit of spare cash. I bought a Pentax 67 cam (it's freakin' heavy) and enjoyed the authentic nature of shooting proper film. I've returned to digital for now - though still shooting a bit of 35mm - but I have a new found respect for film photographers old and new.

Presence 2017, Frankfurt

Conference Photos, Frankfurt Easter 2017

I was super privilidged to photograph for IFES again this Easter (I got to travel to Mexico with them back in 2015). The team are great fun and the event was cool, with loads of youthful Europeans gathering together. Here's the evidence.

'A Story Told in Silence'

Short Film 2015

This video was produced in collaboration with Hope and Homes for Children in 2015. I shot, graded and edited the film which was directed by Freddie Fox (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Pride). Watch the film here (5 minute watch).

World Assembly 2015, Mexico

Conference & Travel Photos, Mexico Summer 2015

Once in a while, a dream photography job comes along and smacks you in the face. For the IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Student) World Assembly 2015, hundred's of people from all over the world converged on a small town in rural Mexico. You can see my photo journal of the conference, beautiful landscape and some travelling that we managed to squeeze in here.

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